About Ascended Soul Art

The Origins

Ascended Soul Art is the creation of Trinidad-born, Sasha Niala Pustam. It came after a spiritual awakening and a dark night of the soul that required her to draw on her inner strength but also to pull out from the depths at the time, her REASON FOR BEING and SOUL’S PURPOSE. She went through an intense period of hopelessness and physical trauma that left her disillusioned with life. It was through this period of stark isolation, that this new wave of art was born. It was in vivid contrast to her previous work, which was very much in the style of realism.

The Journey

In 2009, the idea to ‘create art out of a person’s birthchart‘ came out of a passion for astrology, healing and art all combined. The Astrology Blueprint Paintings were born to help people reconnect visually and remember in COLOUR their divine purpose, while also appreciating their own limitations and harnessing their strengths. The paintings were done in the same healing atmosphere in which intuitive readings were done. As a result, someone who requested one of these paintings, would also receive written intuitive insights into how they can not only reconnect with this vision of his/her higher self, but also move past limitations and blocks into fulfilment and truly abundant living on a daily basis.

In 2011, Sasha had a major spiritual transformation that could have cost her life itself. Through it, she understood the importance of living her unique purpose in order to heal herself deeply. This lead to the formation of High Vibes Art, the forerunner to Ascended Soul Art.

In 2012, Feng Shui Paintings were offered. The intent of these were to set the energy and mood of a room to facilitate a space and thus, a life co-created on purpose.

In 2013, The Astro Soul Oracle cards were created to bring the connection with the cosmos closer and clearer, without having to wade through the intimidating complexity of astrology. These have formed the basis of thousands of intuitive readings done since for people around the world.

In 2013, Prescriptive Paintings, which have been re-named to CHI-ME Healing Paintings, were born. These are intended to help create a space of healing for particular health concerns. The vibrations of healing are encoded during the process of painting. Intuitive insights may also be received at the same time.

In 2017, The Talent Breakthrough Oracle cards were created, specifically for the purpose of helping to unleash a person’s full potential in the talents expressed and with the help of the chakra system.

In 2017, Ascended Soul Art was officially founded to unite these offerings from Sasha under the theme of Reconnection to the Vision of One’s Higher Self, the part of a person that knows, lives and radiates the life of most joy and purpose.

More about Ascended Soul Art

Ascension is a process of soul evolution and elevation. It happens by peeling back all that is not real and authentically aligned with one’s soul and allowing one’s highest and truest soul expression to shine forth.

Ascended Soul Art was born out of the intention to reawaken the core of the Soul and initiate direct communication with one’s Higher Self in order to unearth the highest vibrational path and solutions. It is here that one can return to in order to find clarity and a sense of balance and power as one reunites with this part that has the answers that are most supportive and inspiring of one’s own Truth.

Through visuals in paintings, one can be subtly and powerfully triggered to REMEMBER and CELEBRATE one’s purpose and magnanimous potential residing within the SOUL. It is here that miracles and magical living is not only possible, but vividly made manifest!

Nectar of Joy

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