Feng Shui Space Paintings

About Feng Shui Space Paintings

Do you need your space to be infused with a certain mood, theme or ambience. You may want your bedroom to resonate more closely with ‘Peace’ and ‘Relaxation’ or you may need a workplace to have ‘Balance’ and ‘Abundance’. Wouldn’t it be great if there were a painting that you could leave in this space and rest knowing that the ambience you intend will be set and ready for you when you come to this room next?

How does it work?

The painting holds the highest feeling state that you would like your space to exude. Sometimes, even if you physically clean your space, it just doesn’t feel completely fresh.
If you are surrounded by noise, you may find a soothing energy beneficial but also one that helps you gather your thoughts and composure. If you have a space that you want to be fun and light, a painting with movement and energy may be best suited.

Want one of your own to energise your own space?
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