Prescription Paintings (CHI-ME)

What are Prescription Paintings?

These are encoded with the vibration of healing, made just for you!
Do you have a health concern or a series of health concerns that you are struggling to find balance around?

Just like you would go to to the doctor’s and be handed a prescription for medications, these paintings are a prescription for deep and continued healing! Art stirs the subconscious and taps into the emotions and spirit that is often hard to reach in conventional approaches of healing. Many illnesses derive from this place- an imbalance on the non-physical planes, beyond our eyes and into our feelings, our heart, our trauma and repressed stories of pain.

“Art was the prescription for sanity and relief from the terrors and pains of human life.” ~ Anais Nin

These paintings are encoded with healing vibrations and colours that are intended to help you find your centre of energy, and activate your CHI within for deep healing.
They also will keep hitting the chords of discord and imbalance within your auric field and help you to restore your health from a deeper, longer-lasting place…The “Chime Effect”.
The health of your body reflects the health of your life so you may also find that the painting affects you positively in many different ways such as finances, love and home life.


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