“The Story of Two” Astrological Paintings

Father and daughter? Mother and son? Grandmom and grandaughter? Husband and wife?

These paintings celebrate the Soul Dynamics and Energies in Play between a Couple.
What makes you stronger together and what tears you apart? How do you find a balance?

N.B.- Can also be done for more than two (contact me if interested).

Click here to start creating your own “Story of Two” Astrological painting

  • Portrait of two as a couple
  • 4-page booklet with written interpretation, brief astro soul oracle forecast
  • bonus healing meditation to strengthen your bond together and heal wounds (for sizes 12″ by 12″ and above)


accurate in terms of my own soul dynamics

I was very happy to receive the “The Story of You” Astrological Painting skilfully crafted from Sasha Niala. Not only is it a beautiful work of art, it is quite accurate in terms of my own soul dynamics also. Thank you Sasha!

Irma Kaye Sawyer

It has become a piece to meditate with..

I commissioned two paintings to be done for my sister and nephew & my sister-in-law and her son. Both women cried when they read & saw the art. It has become a piece to meditate with for both families. They were so accurate & beautiful <3 I can’t wait to get one done for myself!

Jacqui Wilkins

​I love, love, love, love it!!! I feel as if the painting were delivered by the angels and fairies!!!!

Shelby Jean Matonak